Quorra provides a clean, simple API over the popular nodemailer library. The mail configuration file is app/config/mail.js, and contains options allowing you choose nodemailer transport diver, driver configuration as well as set a global from address for all messages delivered by the library. You may use any nodemailer trasnport you wish.

For test purpose you may install and use node-mailer-stub-transport which just returns message via callback method.

Basic Usage

The Mail.send method may be used to send an e-mail message:

var Mail = App.mail;

Mail.send('emails/welcome', {'key': 'value'}, {'to': 'email'}, function(err, info)
        return console.log(err);
    console.log('Message sent: ' + info.response);

The first argument passed to the send method is the name of the view that should be used as the e-mail body. The second is the data to be passed to the view, often as an object where the data items are available to the view by key. The third is the nodemailer mail options like to, cc, attachments etc. The list of available options can be found here. The fourth is a callback method allowing you to receive the response from nodemailer after email is sent.

You may also specify a plain text view to use in addition to an HTML view:

Mail::send({'html': 'view', 'text': 'view'), viewOptions, mailOptions, callback);

Or, you may specify only one type of view using the html or text keys:

Mail.send({'text': 'view'}, viewOptions, mailOptions, callback);