Service Providers


Service providers are a great way to group related service registrations in a single location. Think of them as a way to bootstrap components in your application. Within a service provider, you might register a custom authentication driver, or any other service that needs to be regiseterd with the Application object.

In fact, most of the core Quorra components include service providers. All of the registered service providers for your application are listed in the providers array of the app/config/app.js configuration file.

By default, service providers contain two methods: boot and register. The register method is called immediately when the service provider is registered, while the boot method is only called right after all services are registered. So, if actions in your service provider rely on another service provider already being registered, or you are overriding services bound by another provider, you should use the boot method.

Defining A Service Provider

To create a service provider, simply extend the ServiceProvider class provided by the Quorra framework(Positron) and define a register method:

var ServiceProvider = use('ServiceProvider');
var FooService = require('./FooService');

var FooServiceProvider = ServiceProvider.extend(function(app) {
    this.__app = app;

FooServiceProvider.prototype.register = function (done) { = new FooService();


module.exports = FooServiceProvider;

Now you can use foo service anywhere in you application as Note that in the constructor method, the application object is available to you as an argument which is saved as this.__app property and used in the register method.

Registering A Service Provider

Once you have created a provider and are ready to register it with your application, simply add it to the providers array in your app configuration file. You may place your custom service providers inside project-root/app/providers directory.

For example if you are keeping the new service provider class in app/providers/ directory then you can add it to providers array like:

var path = require('path');

providers: [

If you want to use a service provider that is published as an npm module then just install the service provider from npm and add its name to the providers array. For example if foo-service is a npm module then you can add it to provider array like:

providers: [

Note: To register your custom service provider, provide absolute path of your service provider file in the providers array. To register a custom npm Quorra service provider module you can just use the module name in the providers array.

Registering A Service Provider At Run-Time

You may also register a service provider at run-time using the App.register method: